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Mark Hanson is a singer - guitarist from New Jersey now based in St. Petersburg, Florida. He has amazed and mesmerized audiences up and down the East Coast with his soaring bass voice and his often adequate guitar playing. The reverence audiences give him is legendary. More often than not, they're so afraid of interrupting his almost magical spell there is complete silence between songs. Singing along, foot tapping, even eye contact is kept to the barest minimum in respect for his art.

Is he the greatest entertainer who ever lived or simply the best looking? Is it coincidence that people who listen to Mark experience more satisfying love lives, faster job advancement, and better over all health? Is Mark Hanson the answer to all the world's problems? There's only one way to tell. Check out the calendar link, see where's he's playing and come out and experience his almost godlike talent for yourself. Then email your words of worship to

Oh yeah, he's humble too.